Bradley McIntosh to star in new movie “Breakin’ The Cycle” Trailer + New Music

Former S Club 7 member Bradley McIntosh is set to star in the brand new movie ‘Breakin’ The Cycle’ and the trailer for the film has been released to feature an array of actors. No word on the story line, but this is more of an adult film than Bradley’s previous filmography.

The most exciting part is that the trailer features a brand new track from Mr. McIntosh himself, seemingly called ‘Breakin’ The Cycle’, We’ve typed up the lyrics to the best of our abilities (Please tweet us with any corrections)

Every day another struggle
Another dream, another burst bubble
And every day trouble seem to double
And if there are times where life is cheap (??)
And every week another homeboy six feet deep
We can never leave the floor (??)
We need to stop all the fighting and speak
I’m breaking the cycle

(Female Vocalist)
What you looking for is peace of mind
I know it ain’t easy
But you’ll see
Just how you can break free

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