First Look at Hannah in BBC’s ‘EastEnders’ *Spoiler*

If you do not wish to know about Hannah’s character in the show, turn away now. This post includes pictures and information.

Yesterday, Hannah began filming her first scenes for the upcoming stent on the popular series. It seems that Hannah’s storyline will air around Christmas (based off the decorations seen in alternate pictures not included in this post).

Karen (Played by Lorraine Stanley) will be seen approaching Kandice’s (played by Hannah) house in the scenes, begging her sister for a £10k loan after being pursued by loan sharks as a means to escape her financial problems. Kandice was seen writing a cheque for her sister, only to throw it away, laughing in her sisters face and slamming the door.

Hannah can also be seen arriving on set via pictures released directly from BBC, as well as some behind the scenes pictures of Hannah working out following her filming of the above mentioned scene.

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