Hannah Spearritt debuts daughter, Téa, with boyfriend Adam Thomas

Former S Clubber, Hannah Spearritt, has debuted the photograph of her gorgeous daughter Tea, with long time boyfriend Adam Thomas.

Hannah Spearritt has revealed it feels ‘incredible’ to have her own child after suffering two miscarriages in the past. 

The former S Club 7 star, 37, welcomed her daughter Téa with boyfriend Adam Thomas in December and is so overwhelmed with love that she would like to expand her family with Adam in the future.

Introducing their daughter to OK! Magazine, the pair gushed over their little one, with Adam admitting: ‘Sometimes I can’t help but just look at her.’   

The couple have already set their sights on baby number two, but admitted they’re worried about whether having any children will be a possibility. 

Hannah reasoned: ‘I’d like another. But I’m no spring chicken any more. I’d quite like them to be close together in age.’

She also revealed that she and Adam originally considered combining both of their surnames to name their daughter.

She said: ‘Her name is a bit of a mouthful. We tried to see if we could combine our names and we came up with “Spearas”, but it didn’t sound right!’

Hannah and Adam have divided parenting duties up equally and are currently sleeping in separate rooms to ensure at least one of them always gets a good nights sleep.

She said: ‘The moment I see his batteries run out, I take over. We have to sleep in different rooms, not every night but most nights, so at least one of us gets a full night’s sleep.’

Hannah made her exciting pregnancy announcement to OK! in September, where she also emotionally shared her heartbreaking journey to have a baby.

She said: ‘I had one a few years previously with another partner. They both happened early on in the pregnancies, around the five-week mark.

‘It’s such an upsetting thing so it’s made it hard to relax this time. Going through all that makes this pregnancy even more special, though.

I feel very lucky that everything has been okay this time,’ she added.

Hannah and Adam briefly split following her miscarriage in 2014, before reuniting a few months later.

The singer rose to fame in 1999 with her band, S Club 7, who split a few years later in 2003, with a brief reunion in 2014.  

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