Jo Chats to QX Magazine ahead of Vauxhall Tavern Gig

Jo recently spoke with QX magazine ahead of a gig at RVT this week, Jo shares a funny story about seeing herself on TV (at least it wasn’t live….)

Hey Jo! Are you excited to be perfoming at The RVT?
Yeah, really looking forward to it! We’re gonna be doing something a little bit different that we’ve just started doing with our gigs, which just makes for a much, much better show. So yeah, it’s gonna be great!

So what else have YOU been up to Jo?
Well I’m a mum. So that takes up a lot of my time. But we’ve really enjoyed doing these reunion gigs, because we still love doing. And while people still like listening to S Club music, it’s just a good opportunity to get out there and have a bit of fun.

Well it must be the best of both worlds! Relax with the kids when you want, and do gigs when you want.
Exactly! And because the gigs are at more intimate venues, it’s a really fun atmosphere. You’ve got time to meet and greet people, and take pictures, and just have a nice time really.

Have you ever been watching TV with the kids and your face has popped up on a music channel or something?
Yes! Y’know when it does it the most, is at Christmas time. We did a panto with Julian Clary years ago…Aladdin! And I forgot we were in it! I was watching it with my son and then all of a sudden my face was there. And my son was like “mum, what are you doing on the telly?” and I was like “I don’t actually know.”

Is it weird that he’s too young to know how huge S Club used to be?
Well, yeah! We did The Big Reunion in 2015, and he came to one of the shows. I think he was quite shocked by how big it was. He was like “are they ALL here for you?”

Have you been to the RVT before?
No, this will be my first time!

It’s one of London’s most iconic LGBT venues. Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana went on a night out there once!
Wow. Well, we’ll have to have a few drinks then.

So what people expect from the night?
A high energy S Club party, with an array of all our biggest hits. Don’t Stop Moving, Reach For The Stars, Bring It All Back…all the ones that people know! Just a really fun, awesome night!

S Club Party is on Thursday 1st June at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. 8:30pm – 11:55pm. Get tickets here

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