Jo O’Meara confirms 2nd Album Coming This Summer!!

In the biggest news of the new decade, Jo O’Meara, the golden voice of S Club 7 has announced her much needed return to the music scene.

Following the 2005 release of her debut album ‘Relentless’ and the 2012 cover of ‘In A Broken Dream’ (with The Popes) Jo haw been absent from the music scene (aside from the S Club 3 gigs) for nearly 15 years!! This doesn’t seem to put a hamper on how she is going to roll out her new material!

She has been significantly more active on social media, she has launched a TikTok (thats what the kids are doing now a days), and a YouTube.

On her newly established YouTube account she uploaded a video welcoming you to her new channel, WHICH, she announces….. she has a new album out this summer!

Check out her first video below!

Be sure to follow Jo on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and of course…. TikTok!!

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