Jo O’Meara – I’ll Be There (With You) out in May

Recently, Jo has interviewed with American publication Billboard to discuss all things ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’, in the interview Jo reveals that she will release her new single “I’ll Be There For You” in May with an album to follow sometime in the following months of summer.

Check out the full interview below!

Ain’t no party like an S Club party! For five years, turn-of-the-millennium British pop act S Club 7 hopped back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean to simultaneously shoot wildly popular TV kiddie programs and send a barrage of bubblegum singles into the upper reaches of the charts all over the globe.

The singing and dancing? No problem. After all, the lineup of S Club 7 knew what they were getting into when they auditioned for Simon Fuller in 1998, who by that point had launched the Spice Girls into the stratosphere and guided the solo career of Annie Lennox. But it was the acting in S Club 7 In Miami, a post-Monkees/pre-High School Musical series that helped catapult the septet to stardom, that threw one particular band member for a loop.

“The earliest memories was realising we were going to be doing a TV show as well as music, which completely terrified me,” recalls S Club’s Jo O’Meara, who would go on to take lead vocals on several of the group’s biggest hits. “I had never done the acting side of things before like some of the others.”

O’Meara eventually channeled her inner thespian convincingly enough and found herself front and center on “Never Had A Dream Come True,” an S Club ballad that became both an MTV Total Request Live staple and 2001 prom anthem. Still, the singer carries one misgiving with her about the group’s biggest stateside hit: “The very last word of that song has always bothered me. as I didn’t get it exactly how I wanted it to sound. So that always sticks out on my mind!”

Who they are: Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Tina Barrett, Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole and Jon Lee.

How you know them: S Club 7 In Miami was filmed for U.K. television and aired in the US on Fox Family in 1999: Think a fish-out-of-water concept (courtesy of Spice World scribe Kim Fuller) about seven talented teens, plucked from England and dropped in sunny Florida in order to work at a hotel, while seeking fame and fortune. S Club 7 In L.A. immediately followed, which saw the band co-starring with — wait for it — The Exorcist head-spinner Linda Blair.

Pop pedigree: “Never Had a Dream Come True,” off the group’s sophomore album 7, was co-written and co-produced by Cathy Dennis — no stranger to the charts in the early ‘90s as a hitmaker in her own right (“Touch Me (All Night Long),” “Just Another Dream”) — and musical director Simon Ellis (Spice Girls, Britney Spears). Dennis had already penned numerous previous U.K. hits for S Club by this point, like “Two In A Million,” “Reach” and “Natural.”
“Cathy was always so lovely to us,” says Jo. “Being new to the business, it was great to chat to her about how the industry worked and her [own] experiences. I’m forever grateful to her for writing some amazing songs for us.”

How the song fared: “Never Had a Dream Come True” sailed straight to the top of the U.K.’s Official Chart, and subsequently climbed to No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the spring of 2001. S Club 7 even wound up jetting over to the States to perform the tune on TRL, a move that ultimately helped parent album 7 achieve Gold certification on this side of the pond.

What happened next: After Paul Cattermole left the group in the year that followed “Never Had a Dream Come True,” S Club eventually called it a day in 2003. Jo O’Meara and bandmate Rachel Stevens went on to separately pursue solo endeavors. In Jo’s case, the result was 2005 LP Relentless, which included songs crafted by the Metrophonic team of Brian Rawling, Mark Taylor and Graham Stack.

S Club fans’ dreams came true a decade later: Turns out the members of the band never forgot their “Reach” mantra of “I got you and you got me” — as the septet reunited for a U.K. tour in 2015 that proved there was still a paying audience for another S Club party.

“It was so nerve-wracking to be back doing something we hadn’t done for years, hoping people would still like it, “Jo admits. “But once we all got together it just all worked. And it was like the old days once again! People just loved it, especially when ‘Reach’ came on — the whole place erupted every night.”

What’s next: The 20th anniversary of the band’s biggest pop success is well timed, as O’Meara recently announced on Twitter that she’s been recording once again with the Metrophonic team. Per Brian Rawling, the single, “I’ll Be There For You,” will be released in May, with the singer’s album following at some point in the summer. Rawling co-produced the song with Paul Meehan, and Rawling describes it “very up and positive — good words for today we think.”

Jo adds, “After 15 years away I am happy to be back doing what I love the most — singing! I honestly think this is the best work I have done yet.”

Now we know what you’re thinking…. Could Jo’s new single be a cover of the popular 1995 single from The Rembrandts that was featured in the opening theme for Friends? The answer is no. Your next question could be is Jo be revisiting the track from S Club’s second album (titled “I’ll Be there”)? The answer is also no.

The brand new track is actually titled “I’ll Be There (With You)” and is a completely original track penned by Paul Meehan and Joshua Breaks. Paul has previously worked with Jo on her debut album on the tracks “Relentless” (which has been re-recorded for the album), “Never Felt Like This”, “Never Meant To Break Your Heart”, and “That’s Where I’ll Belong”.

The song is officially registered as “Be There With You” on ASCAP, however, sources say that it will be released under the title “I’ll Be There (With You)”, this is not uncommon for song titles to change prior to release.

Article Source: Billboard
Title Correction: Jo Source

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