Jo O’Meara To Record “S Club Classics” Album

In a chat with The Sun, former S Club lead singer (and all around amazing vocalist) has announced that she will be recording reimagined versions of some of her favorite S Club songs.

“After the success of Don’t Stop Movin’ I had a lot of fans reaching out and saying, ‘Can you do Have You Ever’ or ‘Can you do this song’, [and] I thought, ‘Do you know what, the fans have been so supportive of S Club 7 and of me… I have now decided I’m going back in the studio to do a full album of the S Club 7 classics. I’m going to pick a couple of the songs I love the most from all the albums and I’m going to make an album of acoustic S Club songs.”

This follows the success of her acoustic version of the 2001 classic Don’t Stop Movin’ which originally hit #1 in the UK in April of 2001. The song subsequently won ITV’s ‘Record of The Year’ and ‘Best British Single’ at the 2002 BRIT awards.

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3 comments on “Jo O’Meara To Record “S Club Classics” Album

  1. Jennifer Watts on

    I love you’re song two in a million by S Club 7, it means so much to me, here I am with a broken heart, my t o bffs passed away are in a better place up there, yes one passed away from covid in February 2021,two months later my other bff died again then her mom passed away.

    RIP Brooke Haulbrooks wyatt 39 covid hero bff

    RIP Rebecca Lynn Bell 41 diabetes and an eating problem hero bff and her mom

  2. Tj on

    Yasssssss! I’ll be waiting hopeless until the day it comes out.
    Can’t wait for it on iTunes or a physical copy would be a better dream come true!


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