Paul Cattermole launches “Paul Cattermole & The Stuff”

A few weeks back Paul began hinting at returning to music in some capacity and, its happening. The project is called “Paul Cattermole & The Stuff” and personally, we couldn’t be more excited!! It’s great to see the passion for music in his eyes.

Earlier today the former S Clubber launched his newest project called “Paul Cattermole & The Stuff”. The band covers Classic rock and soul songs, mixed up with contemporary pop covers and even a few S Club hits.

“With stunning male and female lead vocals, the band covers a wide range of music guaranteeing there is something for everyone! The band is available in several line-ups: from their 6-piece featuring Paul, female vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards and drums through to their 11-piece with additional vocals, horn section, and percussion.”

Paul’s last official release was with his band Skua in 2014 with ‘Kneel’ (available on all major music retailers). Check out this medley video the band has placed on their website – In it, you can hear popular S Club tracks “Don’t Stop Movin'”, “Reach”, and “Uptown Funk” (Bring it all Back 2015 anyone??!), plus the Justin Timberlake tune “Can’t Stop The Feeling”.

To find out more information on the band, check out the official website, and be sure to follow them on Instagram and be sure to follow Paul on Twitter @PaulCattermole1.

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