Rachel Stevens speaks with New! Magazine

In the latest edition of ‘New’ Magazine they caught up with Rachel and spoke very openly regarding things fans are extremely anxious about including regarding the S Club reunion.

We’ve got an exclusive scan from the magazine and the written typed interview.

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New Magazine – June 2017

Back in the late 90s and early naughtiest, Rachel Stevens was a regular on the celeb party scene. These days, however, the former S Club singer is more likely to be found at home with her two young daughters than ripping up the red carpet.

But when we meet up with the 39 year old at the Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball, on a rare night out with hubby Alex Bourne, 40, she seems to be embracing her brief break from the kids. So does that mean we’ll be seeing more of her anytime soon? Possibly!

As we chat, Rach, who’s mum to Amelie, 6, and Minnie, 3, admits that while she could never copy with doing Celebrity Big Brother, she wouldn’t mind taking on the jungle and she might go down the cosmetic surgery route one day…

Hi Rachel. First things first – will S Club be doing anything soon?
We did a reunion tour two years ago, and it was brilliant and exactly what we wanted. If the right thing came around, i would definitely be up for it and i think the others would, too. It’s our 20-year anniversary coming up…

Would you ever do a solo comeback?
Theres been talk of it and I’ve dabbled in the studio. But id’ have to be for the right song and the timing would have to be right

You’ve done Strictly Come Dancing. Are there any other reality shows in the pipeline
I’d be open to certain shows, but i couldn’t do Celebrity Big Brother. I’d go mad and feel so claustrophobic

Which shows would you be up for
I love I’m a celebrity but i’m such a wuss! I’d be that one that gets voted for every night because i’d be so scared of so many thing

How would you feel if your daughters went into showbiz
As long as they’re happy, i would encourage anything they felt passionate about.

Do you have any regrets about being famous?
No, none at all. We’ve had so many amazing opportunities and incredible times. Whatever way you go in life, you go for it and you don’t know any different. Ninety per cent of the time it was brilliant.

Do you plan to have any more children
Do you know aha, i’m so happy with my two girls. They’re little best friends now. They do fight but overall they get on so well.

Do they understand that you’re famous
Amelie does. I remember dropping her off at school and Don’t Stop Moving’ came on the radio and she was super proud. She was like “Mummy, wind down the windows and turn it up” all the S Club stuff is on their playlists.

Having children, how do you keep things spicy with your husband
Its important to have date nights, and we try to do that every week. It is hard in a relationship, especially when you’ve got the kids and you’re busy, but you’ve got to keep the romance there.

What do you do on date nights
We love food, so it involves food and alcohol. And we’ve been going out for walks, as we’re trying to get really fit.

Any favorite restaurants?
I love Rocco. When you live in London, you don’t take advantage of whats around. We’re trying to do that and do that with our kids – getting them to soak up the culture.

How do you stay in shape?
I’m into the gym and working out. Also running around after two girls… you literally don’t sit down.

You’re all nature but have you been tempted to go down the surgery road?
Each to their own. Its great that we have that choice. If i ever felt the need, i would.

What do you make of reality stars having lots of surgery and fillers
It’s about women and men feeling good about themselves and not having making them feel a certain way. Having two girls, I instilled into them its about being strong and independent and thats all that you can do.

Special thanks to Lorna for the scan!

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