S Club 7 News Round-Up (New Music Updates from Jo, Bradley, and Paul)

The COVID-19 news has accumulated a lot of S Club related news, and we have compiled a list of interesting information that has arose from the quarantine!

  • Paul has released a new song on Soundcloud titled “Catzumzatzum”, you can listen to the track by clicking here. It is a new sound for Paul as opposed to what we are used to hearing from his time in Skua.
  • Even the corona virus cannot stop an S Club part, because why? There still ain’t no party like an S Club party!! According to reports, police in New Castle recieved complaints as neighbors were reaching for the stars…. a little too loudly. Read the full article by clicking here.
  • According to Bradley’s Instagram, he is currently putting together a demo album full of tracks he has recorded over the years. Be sure to follow him on his Instagram Stories as he is putting up tracks to listen to every so often. There is no word on when this album will be released, or if it’s an official release, or a soundcloud!
  • Last but certainly not least, Jo has been a busy bee over the past few weeks! The Essex born singer has begun singing songs from her home to include an exclusive version of “Two In A Million” with the phenomenal Simon Ellis, as well as some favorites such as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (which was actually broadcast on television). Check out some of the videos below and be sure to follow Jo on YouTube!

Jo O’Meara & Simon Ellis Thank NHS Workers

Jo O’Meara appears on ‘Today Show: Australia”

Jo O’Meara sings “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on This Morning

Jo O’Meara sings “Relentless”

3 comments on “S Club 7 News Round-Up (New Music Updates from Jo, Bradley, and Paul)

  1. Trish on

    Are S club still available for bookings? I’m a wedding organiser and the couple said they would be happy as long as get at least 4 of them are their, but all 7 would obviously be ideal.

    Drop me an email.

  2. Roger on

    Jo O’Meara’s performance on “Relentless” was fuckin’ on point bruv made me think about me mum crying in the fucking pub rn lads, bloody hell, dearie me. I shouted, I fistbumped the air, I cried tears of joy. Beautiful.


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