S Club 7 – Sunshine Vinyl Release

“And let me say I owe it all to you… and I wanna thank you for making the sun come shining through

For the first time ever, S Club’s third album “Sunshine” will be made available on Vinyl. Featuring a staggering three number one singles (Don’t Stop Movin’, Have You Ever, and Never Had A Dream Come True) and the #2 single “You”. Sunshine peaked at #3 in the UK albums chart and features the fan favorite tracks “Show Me Your Colours” and “Stronger”.

The exact release date is unclear however, what we do know is that it is being released exclusively through HMV with Yellow & Red ‘Sunshine’ Splatter (as pictured above).

The vinyl will be released on 18 June 2022 — The HMV website currently lists it as “Sold Out” however, it is not available for pre-order as of yet, so don’t fret! For now you can view the HMV page by clicking here!!

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