S Club 7 was founded in 1998 after Simon Fuller was famously fired by the Spice Girls. Nearly 10,000 people auditioned to be in the band and only seven hopefuls were selected. Hannah Spearritt, Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, and Paul Cattermole. The seven immediately began to work on their legacy.

S Club would put together a collection of songs that would gain the attention of audiences from around the world, though their debut television series “Miami 7” hit the screens of 120 countries around the world, beginning in April of 1999. In June of 1999, S Club came out in full force with their debut single ‘Bring It All Back‘, which stormed the Top 10 in over 11 countries including England, Ireland, Switzerland, and Spain. The self-titled debut album followed in October of 1999, which also spawned singles “S Club Party’, ‘Two In A Million’, and ‘You’re My Number One’.

In 2000, S Club began the year by winning the BRIT away for ‘Best Breakthrough Artist‘. Simultaneously recording a second television series (L.A. 7) and album (‘7’). In April of 1999, S Club released “Reach” which would become one of the band’s most recognizable hits. The subsequent single “Natural” showed a more mature side to the band, with Rachel Stevens taking lead vocals.

In November of 2000, S Club released the song “Never Had A Dream Come True” to aid Children In Need. This spawned the re-release of their sophomore album. They kicked off 2001 with their first arena tour titled “S Club Party Live”. In April of 2001, ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ began to gain traction in the United States as S Club was preparing the release of the first single from their third album, “Don’t Stop Movin‘”.

Simultaneously, S Club 7 was in the top 10 in both the United States and United Kingdom with different songs. Leading into the release of their third television series “Hollywood 7”, and third album “Sunshine”. S Club began the mission of finding their opening act for their second arena tour “S Club Carnival”. Their decisions were broadcast on BBC’s ‘S Club Search’ which brought S Club Juniors to fruition.

In November of 2001, S Club once again teamed up with Children in Need for the release of the band’s second charity single “Have You Ever“. A third and final single from Sunshine was released with “You“. They kicked off their “S Club Carnival’ tour, which saw the announcement of Paul Cattermole’s departure from the band. His last performance with the band was on 03 June 2002, at the Queen’s Jubilee. The band now went under the name of ‘S Club’.

Paul was present for filming of the first few episodes of S Club’s fourth (and final) television series ‘Viva S Club’, set in Barcelona. Paul’s departure was written into the show. In November of 2002, S Club released “Alive” which was their first single from their fourth album. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jo was absent for much of the promotion. Their fourth studio album “Seeing Double” followed in December of 2002.

In April of 2003, S Club released their feature film “Seeing Double”, which took place in Barcelona and L.A., the film does not follow the storyline of their previous television series. In the days following the release of the film, S Club (along with S Club Juniors) went on the ‘S Club United’ tour which saw members of S Club and S Club Juniors perform together.

On 21 April 2003, at the London Docklands Arena, S Club announced they were splitting up following the release of their greatest hits album. “Say Goodbye” along side the song “Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You” (from their fourth album) was released in May of 2003, with “BeSt: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7” following in early June of 2003. The group officially broke up in June of 2003.

In the years that followed S Club 7 would support each other at premiere events. In 2007, members Paul Cattermole and Bradley McIntosh began DJ Sets together at various events. They were later joined by Jo O’Meara, and would become known as S Club 3, performing hits of S Club 7 at various festivals, night clubs, and the odd Arena tour along side other pop stars from the noughties. In mid-2014, S Club 3 were joined by Tina Barrett, becoming S Club 4, before Paul departed the group.

In November of 2014, S Club 7 appeared performing a medley of their hits at the Children in Need telethon. This was followed by the announcement of an arena tour titled “Bring It All Back” which saw all seven members of the band perform their hits around the UK. A re-release of their greatest hits collection “BeSt: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7” was released ahead of the commencement of the tour to include the fan demanded track “Rain“.

Following the conclusion of the tour, S Club 7 once again split ways. Paul briefly joined Jo, Bradley, and Tina performing at S Club 3 gigs, but left once again to join the ‘Rocky Horror’ tour. In 2017, S Club 3 (now referred to as SC3) released their single “Family“. In August of 2020, O’Meara announced her departure from S Club 3 to pursue a solo career. Her spot was taken by former S Club Junior Stacey Franks, and now went under the name ‘S Club Allstars’.

In February of 2023, S Club 7 announced a second reunion to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Tragically, in April of 2023, member Paul Cattermole passed away as a result of natural causes. Members grieved the loss of their bandmate, and moved forward with their scheduled tour now dubbed ‘Good Times Tour‘ in honor of Paul. In June of 2023, it was announced that Hannah was dropping out of the reunion to take care of her health.

In July of 2023, S Club released their first new recording “These Are The Days” as a tribute to their bandmate Paul. The band performed throughout the UK in October of 2023 in association with the British Heart Foundation to raise awareness for Paul. The band also announced they would be bringing the tour to North America, being the first time the band toured outside of the UK.

In December of 2023, S Club performed at the Jingle Bell Ball where they announced that they would be recording new music the following year!

Watch this space as the rest of the S Club story plays out.