Viva S Club

El Xalet de Monjuïc Restaurant

The home S Club utilized throughout “Viva S Club” was transformed into a luxury restaurant in 2016.

Physical Address:
Avinguda Miramar
31, Sants-Montjuïc
08038 Barcelona, Spain

World Trade Center Barcelona

The opening scenes of Viva S Club are filmed on roof terrace of this business building in the middle of Barcelona’s harbor.

Physical Address:
1ª planta Edif. Este
Moll de Barcelona, s/n
08039 Barcelona, Spain

Estació de França

The train station utilized in the opening episode of the show, it is subsequently utilized as the location where Rachel and Hannah discovered that Maria was not only working as their housekeeper and where the boys are performing “Hello Friend” in ‘Goodbye Is The Hardest Word’.

Physical Address:
Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera s/n, Ciutat Vella
08003 Barcelona, Spain

Parc Güell

Parc Güell is utilized several times through the series, including they admired “El Drac” (the dragon sculpture) and the different structures when Bradley realized he wanted to become a painter. The moment when Jo tried to fire Lyall, their new manager; some scenes from “Sunshine” and the scene where Paul and Tina are songwriting were all also shot in here.

Physical Address:
08024 Barcelona, Spain

Sala La Paloma

This music Lounge is where S Club performed “Don’t Stop Movin’ and where Bradley felt in love with Isabella. It currently operates as a concert hall.

Physical Address:
Carrer del Tigre
27, Ciutat Vella
08001 Barcelona, Spain

Club S Club

The location gifted to S Club following Paul’s departure. Utilized as the performance location for majority of the remainder of the series.

Physical Address:
C-246a and Carrer Joan de la Cierva
08870 Sitges, Barcelona