S Club Allstars

In late 2007, members Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole began DJing around the UK, they were eventually joined by Jo O’Meara in 2008, and they began touring the UK performing hits from their back catalogue. This variation of the band performed between 2008-2014.

In the summer of 2014, Tina Barrett joined S Club 3 and they became known as “S Club Party”. This variation of the band performed from the summer of 2014, through the announcement of the S Club 7 reunion in November of that year.

Immediately following the conclusion of the “Bring it All Back” 2015 tour, Bradley, Jo, and Tina began performing again as S Club 3. Paul opted to not return as he would begin touring with the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In late 2015, going into early 2016, Jo and Bradley performed as a duo while Tina was off being a first-time mum!

In 2017, this variation of the group became known as SC3, when they released the single “Family”, becoming the first new S Club music since “Say Goodbye”. The song was originally written by S Club hitmaker Simon Ellis during the 2015 reunion, but excluded from any official release.

In 2020, Jo left S Club 3 to pursue work on a second solo album. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Bradley and Tina were joined by X-Factor alum Amelia Lily for select performances in August and September of 2021.

In late 2021, Bradley and Tina were joined by former S Club Juniors single Stacey Franks (McClean). The trio became known as “S Club Allstars” and began performing S Club Juniors songs in addition to the established S Club back catalogue. This trio continued to perform through January of 2023, just prior to the announcement of the second S Club 7 reunion.