S Club Party until their ‘Perfect Christmas’

S Club 3 consisting of Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, and Tina Barrett are kicking off this fall season with another round of gigs. They will close out the year with a string of sold out shows at Bongos Bingo, but the popular trio have keyed in several appearances before and after. Check up the addition of upcoming gigs in the coming months!

October 02, 2017Quids In at Pryzm in Leeds
October 05, 2017Quids In at Sub-Zero in Essex
October 14, 2017Runway Presents S Club at Q Club in Reading
October 16, 2017Dirtee Pop with S Club at Pryzm in Brighton
October 28, 2017Halloween 2017 with S Club 3 at Chicagos in Stoke on Trent
November 17, 2017S Club Party Live at The Grand in London
November 24, 2017S Club Live On Stage at Dick De Vignes in Southend

In addition to the above mentioned gigs, S Club 3 and management have an exciting announcement coming soon! Could the trio will be heading internationally next year? New music on the horizon? Who knows…. But i could see ‘S Club in Atlanta’. Watch this space!

Special thanks to S Club Party Updates for most of the gig information!

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