SC3 – Family – Second Teaser

That SC3 reign just won’t let up. Exactly one week from today we will have the brand new SC3 track ‘Family’, written by legendary writer Simon Ellis (and his wife Johanne).

The track, officially released, worldwide, Monday – December 11, 2017. Loco Management have unveiled a second teaser track showcasing more of the breath taking vocals from Jo O’Meara.

You can click here to hear the second teaser, and we have typed the lyrics to the clip.

“Looking back
Back on all my yesterdays
I know i wanted everything my way
Didn’t want to listen to a word you said
Though you tried, you tried to show me wrong from right
We never really saw eye to eye
I guess I wasn’t really ready for compromise.

I never told you enough, how much i care
But now i understand
You only did it for love
Protecting me you made me be who i am
You gave me strength to reach….”

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