SC3 To Release New Music “Family”

Original members of S Club 7, Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, and Tina Barrett are prepared to release new music without the backing of Jon, Hannah, Rachel, or Paul – the track is going to be released under the moniker ‘SC3’ and is set to be released December 08 as a charity single.

The track titled Family was penned by Simon Ellis (Famous for S Club 7 hits ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ and “Don’t Stop Movin'”) was originally written in 2015 during their ‘Bring it All Back’ tour. However, following the tour, Paul once again left, and the remaining members did not want to continue without the full backing of the band leaving the track in limbo.

Years after the original recording Jo, Bradley, and Tina revisited the track and are set to release the track as an offering to fans as a thank-you. More information will be made available during their interview at ‘This Morning’.

Thanks to ASCAP the writers for the song have been revealed.

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