Jo O’Meara

Jo began her singing career at a young age, singing as a cabaret singer under the name Joanna London. In the years that followed Jo sang uncredited vocals for various European dance songs. In 1996, Jo became a part of the band ‘Solid HarmoniE’, but left before they gained prominence in 1997. In 1998, Jo became the lead singer of the German band ‘2-4 Family’, and in July of 1998, the band released their single “Stay”. Before the end of 1998, Jo left the band to become a member of S Club 7. ‘2-4 Family’ released a Christmas version of “Stay”, though she was no longer part of the group.

In April of 1999, S Club 7 rose to fame via their own BBC television show “Miami 7”. In the years that followed, they would become a BRIT award-winning act, recording four multi-platinum albums and notching up several #1 singles. While in the band, Jo recorded the solo track “Every Kinda People” for the film ‘The Guru’. The track was expected to be released as a single but was cancelled for unknown reasons. In April of 2003, S Club announced their separation and released a Greatest Hits collection in June of 2003.

Following Jo’s time in the band, it was reported that Jo signed with Simon Fuller to launch her solo career, however, nothing materialized from this era. In 2005, Jo began on a number of summer festivals where she debuted new music. She announced a record deal with Sanctuary Records and released her debut single “What Hurts The Most”, which was released in September of 2005, with her debut album “Relentless” following a week later. In early 2006, Sanctuary Records shuttered as a result of bankruptcy.

In the years that followed Jo then participated in various reality shows, notably BBC’s “Just The Two of Us”. In 2008, Jo gave birth to her son Lenny. Later in 2008, Jo began performing along side Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole as S Club 3. The trio performed hits from S Club’s back catalogue. In 2012, Jo was featured on the song “In A Broken Dream” by The Popes.

Jo continued to perform along S Club 3, which in 2014, consisted of Bradley McIntosh and Tina Barrett. In November of 2014, Jo joined the remaining six members for the first S Club 7 reunion, which saw the band tour the UK. Following the conclusion of the tour Bradley, Jo, and Tina continued to tour as S Club 3, and in 2019, released the song “Family”

In 2021, Jo announced her departure from S Club 3 and began focusing on her second studio album. In August of 2021, Jo released her second album ‘With Love” via Metrophonic Records. The album featured the singles “Sweet Surrender” and “On The Surface”. Jo would tour the album at various points throughout 2021 and 2022. At the end of 2022, Jo had to have emergency surgery on her back which saw an end to the promotional efforts of the album.

In February of 2023, it was announced that Jo would again join S Club 7 as part of their second reunion tour to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Tragically, in April of 2023, bandmate, Paul Cattermole passed away. The tour continued as scheduled, and a new track titled “These Are The Days” was released to honor Paul.