Previous Bands

2-4 Family

The original line up of the German group 2-4 Family consisted of Jo, Jay Dogg, Joseph Jazz and Essence Woods. The group released one song called Stay, as the original line-up. Shortly after its release Jo left the group to become a part of S Club 7. Jo was then replaced with Joanne. They went on to release one album called Family Business which launched a few more successful singles before they ultimately broke up in early 2000. The only known song to have Jo’s vocals are variations of Stay.

Solid Harmony (SHE)

Jo was actually an original member of Solid HarmoniE, alongside with Rebecca Onslow and Mariama Goodman. The group was founded in 1996 and demos for their debut album had been made with Jo’s vocals on them. Known tracks to exist with Jo’s vocals are Got 2 Have Ya, 7 Seconds (No Man’s Land) and What You Gonna Do. Got To Have Ya was released as the band’s first single in 1996 without Jo’s vocals. 7 Seconds can be found on a compilation album Charts Pure Vol. 9, which was released December 17, 1996. No additional tracks used for demo purposes were ever commercially released. For unknown reasons Jo left the band before releasing any material and was replaced with Melissa Graham.