Paul Cattermole

Paul had a deep interest in music from a young age. From age 16 he was in a nu-metal band Skua. In 1998, Paul auditioned for and was chosen as a member of the British pop group S Club 7. With their launch In April of 1999, S Club 7 rose to fame via their own BBC television show “Miami 7”. In the years that followed, they would become a BRIT award-winning act, recording four multi-platinum albums and notching up several #1 singles. In June of 2002, Paul left the band to reform with Skua, nothing materialized from this era.

In 2007, Paul released a collection of songs titled “You Make Me Happy“. Later in 2007, Paul joined Bradley Mcintosh for DJ gigs around the United Kingdom, Jo O’Meara later joined becoming the first iteration of S Club 3. Paul once again rejoined Skua and released the album “Kneel”. In 2014, Paul joined members of S Club 7 for their first reunion tour “Bring it All Back”.

In 2016, Paul joined the UK Production of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ playing the character of Eddie and Dr. Scott. At some point during production, Paul injured himself and was unable to continue. In the years that followed Paul took a step back from the public eye. He became the manager at a radio station in his hometown for a period of time. In 2021, Cattermole reappeared online as a tarot reader on YouTube, offering weekly tarot readings for subscribers, and personalized readings for an extra fee.

In February of 2023, Paul rejoined his S Club bandmates to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, Paul passed away in April of 2023, at which point the tour was renamed “Good Times” in honor of Paul.

“No one knows just what the future holds, there ain’t nothing you can’t be, there’s a whole world at your feet!

Paul Cattermole