Tina Barrett’s Interview with Ticket Criterio

Promotion for Tina’s new single “Mwah Mwah” has been heating up and she has given interviews around the glove. Thanks to one of our amazing Twitter followers, we now have Tina’s interview from Ticket Criterio translated!

Tina, tell us about your brand new single Mwah mwah that was released for the RuPaul Drag Con in London.
My new single Mwah Mwah is all about loving fashion, being confident, loving yourself for who you are, not giving a damn what other people think and of course working it. It was a honour to be asked to debut Mwah Mwah at the Rupauls Drag Con UK I closed the show and I loved every minute of it.

The single has charted all around the globe, including Mexico, where it topped at 30. How does it feel to be charting again?
It’s so amazing that Mwah Mwah has charted around the world I’m totally blown away by the response so far!!! Mexico was the first country to chart it went in at 29 then others countries followed it was incredible so great to be finally getting my music out

The song has some trap and hip-hop beats and was originally named Coco Channel, it is about the fancy lifestyle of a famous and posh person. Where do you find inspiration on writing songs?
The song’s very tongue and cheek had lots of fun co writing it, myself and the producers wrote it in a traffic jam on our way from Canada to the USA. We were driving across the boarder and we came up with the chorus as you do! the inspiration can hit you at anytime and it kinda did lol

After enjoying success with this single, will there be an album in the near future?
Definitely me and 80empire plan to release more, we wrote a lot of songs together so watch this space

Is there any artist you would like to do a collaboration with?
Artists I’d love to collaborate with are Pharrell Williams, Will.i.am and Justin Timberlake

Do you have any plans to do a solo tour in the UK?
Absolutely love performing live so doing my own tour would be amazing

You’re worldwide famous because you were in the British pop band S Club 7. Last year a member of the band suggested they had been answering S Club questions for 20 years and was tired of that. Do you feel the same? Is it difficult to be tagged or known for having been in the greatest pop band in the world?
I’m very proud of S Club 7 more now than ever before back than I didn’t really think about it but now I realize how lucky we were to have had such success that our songs still get played on the radio it’s very cool.

And the question everyone is asking: Last year marked the 20 anniversary of the band. Will we ever see the long-awaited S Club 7 comeback for their two decades?
We are all in contact so who knows anything is possible !!!

Any thoughts on your Mexican fans, anything you want to tell them?
I love Mexico, the culture, the food, the people and the Mexican fans are the best thank you so much for supporting me and hopefully I can come over soon xxx

Special thanks to Rizieri Rodríguez for translating this for us!! And be sure ti buy Mwah Mwah were all popular music is sold!!

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