WATCH NOW: Jon Lee on ‘Celebrity Dinner Date’

Former S Clubber Jon Lee recently appeared on the ITVbe show ‘Celebrity Dinner Date’. For the record, everything below is a spoiler.

The show which sees Jon selecting menus prepared by five guys, only to narrow it down to just 3 following impressions solely based off of the menus.

Jon picks three suiters, and by the end picks the American who isn’t quite sure who he is (Jon thinks it is ‘refreshing’). Following the twos second dates, Jon and Jordan did not see each other again and remain single.

You can catch Jon’s episode of the show on the ITVbe Hub by clicking here.

If you are outside of the UK I strongly recommend downloading TunnelBear, they have a free option and you can watch the show for free (There is a bandwidth limit, but you can do offers for extended bandwidth). There is even a mobile application for TunnelBear which allows you to stream directly from your phone.

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