WATCH NOW: S Club Interviewed at KTLA

Earlier this morning S Club were up bright and early to be interviewed on KTLA ahead of their final tour date in Los Angeles to close off “The Good Times Tour”.

You can purchase tickets for the Los Angeles show you can click here.

One comment on “WATCH NOW: S Club Interviewed at KTLA

  1. Steven Robert Keevil on

    I am a super fan of S Club, there really going to be even better.There can do it.I was so upset when Paul Cattermole died and Hannah left.I wanted to meet all 7 VIP.I did see S Club at London’s 02,up front.I still would love to meet them as they are .When they sing there new music, it would be amazing.If they could do a movie even better.I shall make my goal.I love a picture framed in a new home, signed, with a lovely girlfriend and a pet dog.Happiness is all I want and happy job.
    I shall support S Club till I die.
    Yours sincerely
    Mr Steven Robert Keevil 54 from Ipswich, Suffolk, England


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